Little Boy No More

This blog doesn't know yet that I have a nephew from my brother. He is irresistibly cute, you heard that a lot regarding kids - yes? and active. Kids tend to attached closer relationship to someone in the family or commonly known as 'favorite' and I am not his though since that already given to my sister that she fondly call 'Tita Payat'.

He was born not out of a serious romance and we happened to not like him when he was brought out to this world but it never took long for us to embrace him and finally made him the happiness of our family.

He is 4 years old now and earlier this month he was crowned as runner up to Prince Hope project of their school. He's no longer just a little boy now. He is more than that.

And for the record, I used to be runner up in the same line of activity/contest when I was about his age. I can see a tradition there :)

I am proud of myself in here that I was able to get a photograph of Mom in her striking pose. She always love to pose graciously when in front of camera. I could vividly remember when I was little that she used to do it with her siblings (my aunts). They're the most amazing women I know.

On the way home, the prince wanted to a human carrier. We've had good food after. Its pretty seldom that we eat together so it gets more special.

Sand, Sun and Waves

It's really nice to live in a city where beaches are just in the neighborhood. You always find a way to release stress from a week worth of works. And so I couldn't resist the feeling of seeing waves and listening to their sound splashing on the sea shores. And savor sumptuous seafoods that are very much Pinoy-ly (if the word ever exists) cooked!

I didn't go there alone and desperately dragged a couple of friends that were also thirsty for a weekend quick escape. The place is in, the always go to and lovely beaches of, Samal Island

Being beside the beach is second to heaven. And time is always in full speed when you truly enjoy the day.

Kicking Off this Year of the Horse

This year started quite a blast when it comes to outdoor activities. Our big family got a chance to bond and relax for a couple of days at the lovely Marex Beach Resort in Samal Island, Philippines. This has been a reward to us by our Aunt after we happily took part in organizing the successful charity works for the unfortunate victims of last year super typhoon Yolanda that devastated parts of the Philippines, especially in Tacloban. She has a small foundation that aims to help Filipinos in her own little way and in whatever means she can. A shoutout to my aunt, Beng Hafner, is well deserved!

Alright, let me take you back to a short paradise experience we've had earlier this year. It is indeed a great way to kick start the year with so much positive vibes.

From photos you can say the place is quite a relaxing haven, isn't it? I hope this wouldn't be the last time I get to spend time with my big extended family this year. And yeah, I so enjoyed taking photos.

Carte Blanche 2013

Its been a week since the bravest rave party happened. Every Davao party animals (and party watchers) finally got to experience the party that they could never throw in their backyard.

Beers popping in the air. Jump as high as you can. Shout at the top of your lung. Party like you own every little thing in that very night.